Vredenheim Big Cat Park & Winery and Valentines Day

I thought I’d just post some pictures of Vredenheim Big Cat Park & Winery as it has some of the best views, together with really nice gardens, I have seen around Stellenbosch – and also has an area that contains big cats though they are all in fairly small pens but are still impressive to see up close.

We also went out for a nice meal in the town for Valentines day which gave Elsa the opportunity to dress up – and me to go out for the first time in the 9 weeks we’ve been here not wearing shorts and sandals!!

The big cats – white lions, bengal tigers, leopard and a lynx.

DSCN0278 DSCN0291 DSCN0322 DSCN0323 DSCN0324 DSCN0326 DSCN0328

Vreidenheim Gardens – and me with a nice hat in the last picture!!

DSCN0292 DSCN0293 DSCN0294 DSCN0297 DSCN0301 DSCN0304 DSCN0305 DSCN0306 DSCN0307 DSCN0308 DSCN0309 DSCN0312 DSCN0313 DSCN0315 DSCN0330 DSCN0331 DSCN0332

Valentine’s Meal

DSCN0336 DSCN0340 DSCN0341 DSCN0342 DSCN0345

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