Taalmonument near Paarl

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to see the Afrikaanse Taalmonument.  This is about 15 miles from Stellenbosch, on a hill overlooking Paarl. It is a monument completed in 1975, to celebrate the declaration, in 1925, of Afrikaans as an official language. Close up, it is quite an impressive monument and is in a nice park area with as ever, spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

When I initially saw it from a distance, I asked Elsa if it was supposed to be the Afrikaaners giving the middle finger to the old British colonial oppressors – but was politely told not to be so silly, it’s nothing to do with that!! Hope you enjoy the pictures…..

DSCN1273 DSCN1277 DSCN1276 DSCN1280 DSCN1283 DSCN1285 DSCN1287 DSCN1289 DSCN1291 DSCN1294 DSCN1295 DSCN1305 DSCN1306 DSCN1307 DSCN1309 DSCN1310

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