Day 32 – Kalahari to Augrabies – 10th October

We got up at 6.00 and Elsa decided to have one final try at seeing something at a water hole so she went off while I tried to wake up with some coffee. As it was only 1C, she wasn’t there long and guess what, there were no animals there at all…… All in all, I can say that whilst I enjoyed the experience of the Kalahari as it was unlike anything that I had not seen or done before, I doubt I will be back again. If you want to see animals in the wild, Kruger is far better.

We packed up and left the camp at 9.00. We had to reinflate the tyres on the car as we had reduced the pressure on the tyres on the way in to help drive on the sand and gravel roads and then set off back on the same bleak 250 km drive back to Upington so set the car on cruise control and pointed it in the right direction. We did a bit more shopping in Upington and then drove the 100 km to the Augrabies National Park.

The main focal point of the park is the waterfall which then runs down a deep gorge and also the mountains surrounding the park. We dropped stuff in our chalet – which was one of the better ones we’ve had in the parks – and went on a walk to see the falls. The area round the gorge and falls is very well set up with a boardwalk and numerous viewing platforms so is a nice, easy walk. As it is the dry season, the falls were not as full as they are at other times of the year (we saw some pictures of when it was in flood and it is really spectacular then) but were still pretty good. It was 32C so after our walk we had a beer on the restaurant terrace before going to sit about at the chalet.

We got ready and went for a meal in the restaurant – not recommended! – but we managed to get some nice pictures of the sunset and sat drinking for a couple of hours before going back to the chalet and bed.

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