Day 34 – Upington to Grunhau, Namibia – 12th October

We were up fairly early and as we were only going to be having a stopover in Grunau on our way to the Fish River Canyon, Adriaan took me on a drive around the farm. I’d never really been round a farm before and he explained what all the crops were in each of the fields nd how it all works etc which I found pretty interesting.

We left about 10.00 and drove the 150 km to the Namibian border. After a bit of mucking about, we got through the South African side after about 45 minutes. Adriaan had told me that we needed to pay for a road licence on the car on the Namibian side of the border so we drove through the SA gates and expected the Namibian border to be a few hundred metres up the road. But we drove about 3 km and still hadn’t seen it so I thought we’d better go back to the SA border and see if was actually there we needed to get the licence from. The border control found it pretty funny when I asked and told me we still had a bit to go to the Namibian border gate – 17km!!!! Once we got there, we went through fairly quickly and went to or guest house at Grunau. On the drive, on both sides of the border, there was nothing really to look at as it just very big areas of scrubland with the occasional cow or sheep on it so we just stopped at one of the major towns (about 4 houses, a shop and a petrol station!) and got some food to braai and some petrol and went to the guest house.

There was nothing to do there so we just sat outside in the sun reading our books before lighting the braai and making our dinner. We obviously had a few drinks with it so by about 9.00, we were ready for bed!

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