Day 35 – Grunau to the Fish River Canyon, Namibia – 13th October

It was only about 150 km to our hotel, the Roadhouse, so we drove up there. The scenery got a bit better with more mountains though we had to do the final 80 km or so on dirt and gravel roads. The room wasn’t ready so we just drove straight on to the Fish River Canyon. This is the second biggest canyon in the world, after the US Grand Canyon, and is really spectacular. It isn’t as colourful and the main section to see is nowhere near as long but is well worth going to see as you can see in the pictures below. Elsa and I are not people who spend hours staring at the same thing so we drove to have a look at the sections we wanted to see, took our photos and then headed back to the hotel along the dreaded gravel roads.

When I was unloading the car at our hotel, Elsa said it looked like we had a puncture. I can only guess that it had happened in the last couple of hundred yards to the hotel as it was going down fairly quickly. I started putting on the spare wheel when a guy from the petrol station came over and said he could repair it so we let him fix it and planned to get a new one the next day at our next stop on the trip.

As were then stressed out, (that’s my excuse anyway), we went and sat on the terrace and had a few beers in the sunshine. As it was still fairly early, we had a nap before having a meal in the restaurant and then watching a film on the lap top.

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