Day 36 – Fish River Canyon to Luderitz, Namibia – 14th October

We only had a drive of about 200 km to Luderitz. We were staying there for 2 days so that we could have a bit more time to relax so took our time leaving the hotel. As we were still a bit concerned about the repaired tyre, we kept our speed down. Initially we were on the gravel road and driving through very boring scrubland areas but as we got further on, we got onto better roads and moved into the Namib Desert. This was my first experience of what I always thought of as desert, with miles of flat sand as far as the eye could see. There were also mountains surrounding it so the sand dunes there were banked high up on the mountains so looked a bit surreal. As we got closer to the coast, the desert changed to miles of sand dunes and then finally the sea so all in all was one of the best drives we have had.

Again, we dropped our stuff off and went on a drive to see a couple of the sights around the town. We firstly went to Shark Island (didn’t see any!) and then to Agate Beach which is surrounded by dunes and as ever on the trip, was nearly deserted. It was a nice afternoon so was good just taking it easy. We also drove round the town which is quite pretty with all the houses and buildings painted in different, generally very bright, colours

We planned on going to a bar to eat which was recommended and which you were supposed to be there at opening time to get a table. We got there for opening at 6.00 and had quite a good meal. I had eisbein (like a big lamb shank but pork) and it was the biggest meal I’ve had in years! Apparently it is the best eisbein in Namibia – but then again, I’ve had quite a few of the best hamburgers and steaks in South Africa in many different places! We stayed in there a while and had a few drinks before heading back to the hotel.

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