Day 37 – 2nd day in Luderitz, Namibia – 15th October

We got up and had a leisurely breakfast and then went to see Kolmanskoop which is an abandoned mining town and which is now half covered by sand dunes. They discovered diamonds there in the late 1800’s and as it was a German colony at that time, it was set up like a small German town, and for it’s time was very advanced with some pretty high tech systems. The whole of that part of Namibia is sectioned off as a diamond mining area which obviously means nobody can enter it. It’s a pretty popular tourist site so there were 2 guides who split everybody up between English speaking and German speaking – and it turned out about 80% were German!

We then went on a drive around a peninsula, stopping off at various beaches and the lighthouse at Diaz Point and taking our pictures. There’s some nice areas but it didn’t take us too long so we went down to the Waterfront area of Luderitz. It doesn’t quite compare to Cape Towns Waterfront as there are only about 4 shops and a restaurant there! We had a meal in the restaurant and had a chat with some people we had bumped into a few times since meeting them at the border post and they told us about a place in the town called the Diaz which they said was worth going to. It took a bit of finding but we got there in the end – and the 4 people were there too! We were only going to have a quick drink but ended up chatting and drinking with them for about 4 hours before stumbling home to bed!

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