Day 38 – Luderitz to Vioolsdrift – 16th October

We had been looking at places to go to on our last section of the trip, from Namibia to Cape Town down the West coast. Nearly all of the coastal towns involved driving quite large sections of gravel road and as I was getting fed up with them now, I was quite keen to basically drive on easy roads and just stay inland on the way home. Therefore, we booked to stay the night at a place just back across the border in South Africa.

It was a 6 hour drive so we set off on very good tarmac road and Elsa drove the first section. Again we were driving through the desert but this time I got to look at it properly and it is amazing. When we got to the gravel road, we swapped and I drove the remaining 100 km. The road was absolutely terrible in large sections (the scenery was great but I couldn’t look at it as I was veering from side to side missing potholes and being shaken to bits!) and I was really pleased when we got to the end of it and back on tarmac for the last 50 km. It was a bit strange when we saw a small township where they’d covered the usual tin shacks they have, with bamboo type wood – but considering the temperature it must get to in them, any sort of heat reduction must be essential.


The exit through the border was pretty quick and we were at the tented camp we were staying in by about 4.00. Our room / tent was basically a properly built bathroom with a tent connected to it. It was air conditioned and really nice so we just relaxed for a bit. We had bought meat etc in Namibia to cook a meal but you cannot buy drink in Namibia on a Sunday so we didn’t have any. When we’d booked in, the owners said they had some beer we could buy so we went and sat on their terrace and a drink with them. We found out they were from Stellenbosch and after a little bit, we found out we knew their daughter and also that they knew our brother in law very well so it is a small world!

We went and cooked ourselves a meal and again, had an early night.

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