Day 39 – Vioolsdrift to Namaqua Park – 17th October

We only had a 200 km drive so took it easy and left about 10.00. Although the route was through mountain areas, they weren’t particularly good scenery so apart from some road works, it was quite an easy, uneventful drive – until we had to drive the final 25 km on really bad gravel roads! I am really amazed that our car is still in one piece, I kept expecting to get out close the door and for it to fall apart after all the shaking and banging it has had. This was our last night away as we had decided to drive back to Stellenbosch the next day and Elsa had wanted to stay in this park. It is basically a park that is full of flowers for a couple of weeks a year – but we’d missed it by about a week and so there weren’t that many flowers left. The actual park hasn’t really got anything else to see so we spent the rest of the day with me updating my blogs and Elsa reading.

Again, we’d bought food so we had a braai and a few drinks and then watched football on the TV. Elsa went out on the deck and took some really good pictures of the sunset which was pretty impressive so at least we got some good photos of the day. I watched Liverpool v Man United and it was so boring I went to bed at half time – which was lucky as it ended up 0-0 and from all reports, the second half was just as boring!!


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