Day 40 – The final day and back to Stellenbosch – 18th October

We were up early and as there was nothing in the park to go and see, we thought we might as well just leave early and get back to Stellenbosch by mid afternoon. It was a 6 hour drive on the motorway and so was easy enough as there was very little traffic until the final hour or so. For the majority of the way, there are mountains so there was something to look at but in general, they’re not too spectacular and so we didn’t stop at all. It was weird when we got close to Stellenbosch as there is quite a lot of traffic round there and for the vast majority of the trip, we had hardly seen any cars on the road so it seemed like the M25 during rush hour!

So all in all, a very enjoyable trip. The weather had been a bit up and down in places but I think I can say, we’ve seen the vast majority of the main sights and scenery South Africa has to offer (and most types of wildlife) and visited all the provinces in the country (except the Free State) and also Swaziland and Namibia. It’s been a bit strange only very rarely having internet access and quite often no phone reception either, I’d never class myself as a technophobe but it’s only when you don’t have things, you realise how much you use them….

I’ll try and write a summary of the trip when I get a bit of time – the garden has gone wild in the time we were away so needs a lot of work and the car will take about 2 days to clean with all the sand and dust in and on it!!

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