I have started this blog to keep friends and family informed of where we are and what we’re up to – but for those of you who I have not sent the link to this site and who have stumbled across it, I will give you some details of who we are and what we intend doing over the next 18 months or so.

My name is Brian and I am from Hertfordshire, a county just outside London in England and my wife is Elsa, and she is from Stellenbosch, near Cape Town in South Africa. I have visited South Africa on a number of occasions over the years and really like it here.

We have both been working in London on construction and rail projects for a large number of years but partly due to personal family considerations and partly due to us wanting to travel and visit a lot of places that we wouldn’t otherwise have time to see, we have decided that life is too short and that we will take a long holiday and then take it from there.

We both left work in mid December 2014 and have moved to a flat in Stellenbosch. Our intention is to base ourselves here until the beginning of May 2015 and then travel to the United States to do a road trip around the perimeter of the country for 6 months. Upon completion of that trip, we will return to Stellenbosch and move into a house until such time as the money runs out or we decide that we would like to move elsewhere – though I can assure you it will be somewhere warm as I cannot cope with any more cold winters after spending all of my life in England where it is too cold and dark for us to cope with any longer! During our time in Stellenbosch, hopefully my 2 daughters and some of our friends will come and visit us as we would like to show them some of the lovely places that are in South Africa and we will try and show you and tell you about some of them in our blog. We will also be doing the same for our travels around the United States so hopefully you will find something that interests you on here.


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